Wilting in Reverse – Stuart Bowden

Fringe World Perth, 2016 Under the Blue Room Theatre’s crepuscular, cosying lighting, Fringe regular and multi-award winner Stuart Bowden returns to Perth to weave another offbeat tale with his low-fi one-man theatre of the posthuman absurd. In 2014, he was an alfoil-made robot trying to make do in a landscape of human ruin (She Was Probably … More Wilting in Reverse – Stuart Bowden

Coming Through Slaughter- Michael Ondaatje

Reading another from the Ondaatje oeuvre confirmed to me the Canadian author’s penchant for this kind of writing-by-assemblage. His shtick is to crack open historical uncertainties- give invented light to the liminal- and experimentally assort the chaos in a kind of justice-and-curiosity-driven poetic. … More Coming Through Slaughter- Michael Ondaatje