Quoteside is the review blog of writer, illustrator, exaggerator of professions and all-about qualm-peddler Kate Prendergast. My ambitions for what manner of creature this project will develop into are modest (frankly, I just hope it’ll live past infancy), and its entries should only ever be really taken as ‘notes on’. Motivating its existence is the genuine hope to grease the old engine up top, relax a little into a more playful style of writing, expand my  knowledge base, and also to engage with books, films, TV and theatre in a way that is a little bit more sophisticated and durable than a ‘hmm’.

It’s also a means by which I can snag and fix outside my very leaky memory all my favorite quotes from things. Actually, that was the original idea. The rest is just compulsive annotation really.

That’s basically it.


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